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Wester Ross is arguably the most beautiful part of Scotland, and is a place where mountains slope down to calm lochs and where white sandy beaches meet with lush green forests. A place of peace and quiet, fresh air, rock formations and waterfalls, Wester Ross is a Highlands holiday destination with plenty to offer.

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Your guide to Wester-Ross

Wester-Ross at a glance:
  • A beautiful region, home to white sandy beaches and mystical green forests, with streams and waterfalls.
  • The perfect destination for photographers, outdoor adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts.
  • Explore stunning lochs with a backdrop of mountain scenery.
  • Experience skies free from light pollution, where you can lie back and stare into space.
  • Look out for Highland cows, eagles, mountain hares, deer and the elusive pine marten.

Wester Ross is a breath-taking region in the North West Highlands area of Scotland. In Wester Ross you won’t find big industrial cities or even larger towns, but instead will discover a wealth of charming smaller villages and some truly outstanding natural views, along the character coastline and inland amongst the hills and fields. As such, you shouldn’t book a holiday in Wester Ross with expectations of a multitude of major attractions to keep you busy during your stay. The region might not be commercial, but it’s certainly exciting.

In Wester Ross you have the unique opportunity to really get back to the wildlife and wilderness that once defined Britain. Here you won’t have your peaceful walk ruined by the sounds of nearby motorways, or the night sky clouded by man-made light and smoke. If you’re the active kind and like to get amongst nature as part of a walk or a bike ride then you’ll never grow bored of the varied animal and plant species that you can see on your adventures.

Most people flock to Wester Ross not for the flat lands but for the mountains. If you’re a climbing enthusiast or just someone that fancies a challenge then you’ll soon discover that the dominating hills of the area play host to the most magnificent views. It’s here that you’ll truly appreciate the beauty not only of the Highlands but of Scotland and indeed the whole of Britain, as you survey the peaceful lands that stretch for miles below you.

The other major pull to Wester Ross is for those of a scientific mind, as it is held that the region played a huge role in the development of studies in geology. Knockan Crag, just north of Ullapool, is one centre where you can find out all about this field and how Wester Ross gave birth to much of our knowledge around the world of geology.

There are still some interesting attractions in the region’s villages, such as the historic museums of Gairloch and Ullapool which detail the rich cultures and notable timelines of the region that has seen Vikings, Gaels, Celts and others settle within its boundaries. The villages also house great pubs where you’ll find whiskies, delicious food and warm conversation on offer. Otherwise, you’re always able to enjoy a walk through a forest or a day on the pristine white sands of one of the many Wester Ross beaches that line the rugged coast.

Book a room in a Wester Ross hotel and you’ve the chance to experience one of the most unspoiled areas of Britain - absolutely perfect if you need to de-stress with an escape from the hustle and bustle and from the hectic nature of modern life.

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